Greg Czinder

Print & Graphic Design

Welcome to my design portfolio, I'm an independent Designer based in Big Rapids, Michigan. I always love tackling new and interesting art related challenges, let me make something awesome for you! Contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat.

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About Me

For me graphic design is about solving problems with art. It is about using imagery, words, and beautiful composition to ensnare a person's attention. It is about the competitive challenge that I crave as this is a field which is constantly shifting, changing, and challenges me in new ways. I strive to evolve, and refine my work in order to stay competitive with my peers, for without them I wouldn't be the same designer I am today.

  • Education - Bachelor in Graphic Design from Central Michigan University.

  • Personal Status - Currently residing in Big Rapids, Michigan.

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  • I have a several years worth of freelance experience dealing mainly with logos, newspaper advertisement, and some web design. My work experience at the Pioneer Newspaper has given me the chance to expand my skill set by adding prepress knowledge.

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